If you're listed on this page, you're one of the lucky few who in my eyes have made it to the upper echelon of the Star Wars community. All projects here are well worth a look and worthy of any kudos thrown their way.


New Site Design and Domain: after months of procrastinating I've finally gotten around to giving the Boba Feta Website a make-over. Let me know what you think as I'm constantly look for ways to improve it. Revel in the opulence of the Bantha skin panels!

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Original Trilogy.com. This is where it all happens. Chances are you probably arrived here via this site. If you didn't, I strongly urge you check it out. Say hi to Jay, Zion and Moth3r while you're over there.
Puggo - Jar Jar's Yoda. Puggo has graciously agreed to undertake the arduous task of telecining the Super 8 footage. As such, his site will be the source for all future project updates.
The X0 Project. Our greatest hope for a decent transfer of the Original Original Trilogy.
Jambe's Blog. The creator of the fantastic Building Empire documentary and soon to be released Returning To Jedi compendium.
Babyhum's Blog. This guy is a consistent performer and well respected member of the Star Wars Community.
Star Wars Legacy Edition. Mike Verta's ambitious project to recreate the entire Star Wars movie one frame at a time. Sadly, this version will never see the light of day. Except for the lucky few invited to Mike's place for the premiere screening.
StarWars.com. The official Star Wars Site.
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