Jambe Davdar is the genius behind the extraordinary Empire Strikes Back documentary Building Empire. Currently he's working on a soon to be released Return Of The Jedi Documentary named Returning To Jedi. Here's the work I've done for him thus far.


New Site Design and Domain: after months of procrastinating I've finally gotten around to giving the Boba Feta Website a make-over. Let me know what you think as I'm constantly look for ways to improve it.

Revel in the opulence of the Bantha skin panels!

NB: Links May Not Work As Site Is Still Under Construction.








Jambe's Returning To Jedi: I've finished the preliminary cover for Jambe's Returning To Jedi Project.

Returning To Jedi
Jambe's Building Empire
Jambe's Building Empire: I've finished Jambe's Building Empire Cover and I'm reasonably happy with it. I think Jambe is too, Actually I believe it's his official choice of cover (which I'm rather pleased about). Download>>
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