ADigitalMan is one of the most talented and productive members of the Star Wars community. He's constructed some of the best Star Wars fan edits around and I'm pleased to offer for download all the covers I've designed under his instruction. Enjoy.


New Site Design and Domain: after months of procrastinating I've finally gotten around to giving the Boba Feta Website a make-over. Let me know what you think as I'm constantly look for ways to improve it. Revel in the opulence of the Bantha skin panels!

NB: Links May Not Work As Site Is Still Under Construction.








ADigitalMan's Clone Wars ADigitalMan's Clone Wars Vol II.V. Download>>
ADigitalMan's Hybrid Edition: Including Inner, Cover and Label. I'm particularly proud of this one. Download>>
ADigitalMan's Hybrid
ADigitalMan's A Musical Journey
ADigitalMan's A Musical Journey: Is now ready for download. Download>>
ADigitalMan's Spoofs: Is now ready for download. I'm particularly proud of this one. Download>>
ADigitalMan's Spoofs
ADigitalMan's Saga
ADigitalMan's Spectacular 6 Disc Trilogy with bonus v.2 Return Of The Jedi. Download>>
ADigitalMan's Hannibal: Desserts served with your main course. Download>>
ADigitalMan's Hannibal
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